Meghan Trainor Sings ‘Don’t Stop’ in the BBC 1 Live Lounge: Cool Cover (Video)

meghan trainor don't stop bbc live lounge

If you like Five Seconds of Summer’s song ‘Don’t Stop‘, you really should listen to the awesome Meghan Trainor singing her cover version of ‘Don’t Stop‘ in the BBC 1 Live Lounge last week.

She’s changed it up a bit, sure, but the song sounds amazing, played as it is on Meghan’s ukulele, and with her awesome voice.


Watch Meghan Trainor singing her ‘Don’t Stop‘ cover in the Live Lounge below. Catchy, eh?

Also, don’t miss Meghan Trainor singing ‘Lips are Movin’ on The Ellen Show a couple of weeks ago. She rocked there as well.

Michelle Topham