Memories Monday: Mila Kunis Defends Justin Timberlake Against a Reporter

mila kunis

For this week’s Memories Monday video, I just had to revisit this awesome moment with actress Mila Kunis. Because we all know Mila Kunis is cool. But you don’t always realize how cool until you see her go into attack mode when a reporter in Russia questions why Justin Timberlake moved from his singing career and into movies.

The ‘Friends With Benefits‘ press conference was being carried out in Russian, which Kunis speaks fluently, with Timberlake sitting beside her wearing headphones so a translator can translate. When, all of a sudden, a Russian journalist starts to ask Timberlake why he’s gone into movies, with the sort of question that is really saying “You shouldn’t have done, as you’re not good at it”.

Kunis knew exactly what was going on, however, and rushed to his defense saying “Well, what would you rather have him do?” Then, when the reporter kept pushing the issue, Kunis asked her “What kind of question is that? Why are YOU here?”


Poor Justin Timberlake just sat there watching in awe while the two women went at it. Then finally ended the moment by gesturing at Kunis and saying “This is my bodyguard”.

Watch the video below. It’s awesome.

Michelle Topham