Men Are the Reason Computer Games are Released with So Many Bugs

I think I have discovered the reason why many game developers release games crammed with so many bugs they are often unplayable unless you download 300 other files as patches. That reason would be — men.

Men are the cause. In fact, men are the reason I have wasted years of my life just trying to get PC games to a point where they’re playable.

After all, think about it..

Most women I know, myself included, just don’t have the time to fiddle for hours with a game they just downloaded, simply to get the darn thing to install and open. Men, on the other hand, will happily spend hours, sometimes days, tinkering around with patches so that game they bought will work.


Just like they will spend days with their heads under the hoods of their car cleaning the battery, changing the oil, and replacing spark plugs just so the bloody thing can be driven off the driveway, half of the fun of playing computer games for men is the fiddling with them.

Now, look at women.

Most women play casual games from sites like Big Fish Games than buy games from sites like Steam or GOG. Why?

Because on BFG, the games download perfectly, 99.9 percent of the time they are bug-free and, even if they are not, their forums are never crammed with women going on about “Download this patch, then open this file, move this file to this directory……”.

They’re broken, BFG fixes them. Not the women who had to pay for them.


On Steam and GOG, however, you can spend days just getting a game to work. Seriously. Who has the time???

So, now I realize, the misery of a couple of decades of thousands of wasted hours trying to get a game to run is because of MEN. Yep, I blame MEN.

Michelle Topham