Mercenary Kings: Co-op Gaming and Craft Your Own Weapons – Cool, Eh? (Video)

Mercenary Kings offers co-op gaming, crafting your own weapons, and nice pixel art

Sure, pixel art is being used by way too many developers, at least that’s what some gamers say. But, when I see a run and gun game like Mercenary Kings, with co-op gaming, crafting your own weapons and some very nice pixel art to boot — well, I can’t say I’m complaining too much. Especially when it looks a lot like Metal Slug (remember those awesome games?).

As for Mercenary Kings, it will be on Steam Early Access on July 22nd. You can even grab it now in pre-order for just 15 bucks.

Meanwhile check out the new video trailer below. Mercenary Kings co-op gaming here I come.



Michelle Topham