Michael Douglas Tells David Letterman About Dead Sea Trip and His Groin Pull

michael douglas groin pull david letterman israel dead sea


Although some might want to file this under ‘too much information’, if you’re a Michael Douglas fan you’ll probably like it.

Douglas was on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday night and, while telling Letterman a story about his son’s recent bar mitzvah where the guests did the usual hoisting the newly bar mitzvah-ed lad on a chair, poor Michael Douglas managed to pull his groin.


Well, he is 69 years old and, while looking great for his age, let’s face it accidents can and do happen.

Apparently, he’s fine now though.

Watch Michael Douglas talking to David Letterman about his groin pull and a recent family trip to Israel, where one of the places they visited was the Dead Sea, and then onto Rome below. Very cute.



Michelle Topham