Michael Keaton is a Big Cry-Baby: Cries at Every Movie (Video)

michael keaton what makes him cry


In a W magazine interview about which movies make him cry, actor Michael Keaton admitted he’s a “fairly big pussy”, so he cries easily.

The recent Golden Globe awardee went on to talk about the movies he has cried about while watching — “anything to do with, you know, family, breaks up….boy, this is too hard. I’d have to actually think about this and think about a particular movie because, you know, with me, I wept at The Other Guys“.

Keaton then goes on to talk about movies and actresses that have made him cry.

And, once you’ve watched this (you can do that below), you’ll realize why he said at Sunday’s Golden Globes that he wasn’t going to cry, before he did, and why he had so many problems holding back the tears when he talked about his ‘best friend’, his son.

And, can I just say, although I’ve always always always loved Michael Keaton (what an amazing actor), I’ll love him till the day I die after watching his speech at the Globes on Sunday. As what a nice, kind and lovely man he is. You can watch that speech below as well.



Michelle Topham