Michael Sam Has a Very Supportive Boyfriend: He’s Gorgeous Too!

NFL draft pick Micheal Sam was cut from the St. Louis Rams today after the pre-season games, with Rams Coach Jeff Fisher telling reporters he had been “pulling for Mike” but that cutting him had to be done as a purely “football decision”.

Sam, the first openly gay player ever to play with any NFL team was obviously incredibly disappointed by the decision but, in true Michael Sam form, was nothing but gracious and professional afterwards.

In a series of tweets, he thanked the Rams for the opportunity and said “The most worthwhile things in life rarely come easy, this is a lesson I’ve always known. The journey continues.”.

Happily for Sam, though, he seems to have an incredibly supportive boyfriend (and a gorgeous one too, I might add!).

In fact, Vito Cammisano tweeted the cutest picture of the two of them soon after the cuts were announced, with both men smiling broadly into the camera and both wearing University of Missouri shirts.

Fans started to leave comments on the tweet soon after with just about everyone wishing Michael Sam luck and telling him better opportunities would be right around the corner for him.

Have to say, I agree.

Michelle Topham