Mikal Cronin Sings ‘Turn Around’ on Conan and It’s Gorgeous (Video)

mikal cronin

Singer songwriter Mikal Cronin’s third album released today, and last night he performed ‘Turn Around‘, a track from the album, on Conan.

The album is called MCIII, and it features the same gorgeous melodies and poetic lyrics Mikal Cronin is known for. And, yes, like he always does, most of the seemingly hundreds of instruments played on each track on the album are mainly played by Cronin himself, including French horn, tzouras and saxophone. Oh to be that talented.

As for ‘Turn Around’, when I first heard it, this one was a slow burner, so you’ve got to play it a few times. And let me tell you, by the third time, it won’t be slow burning, it will be afire.

Watch Cronin sing ‘Turn Around‘ on Conan below to see what I mean. Gorgeous.


Michelle Topham