Minato’s Laundromat Vol 2 cover art revealed – features Minato and Shintarou having fun

The official Minato’s Laundromat, Volume 2 cover art has been revealed by Yen Press, with the second volume of the very cute Boys’ Love manga series due out on March 19th, 2024.


Just like Volume 1, the Minato’s Laundromat, Volume 2 cover art features laundromat owner Akira Minato cheerfully laughing while his new love interest, high school student Shintarou Katsuki looks on. (see full cover for the upcoming volume below)

Although, unlike the first volume where Shintarou looked a lot more shy around Minato, this time he seems to be more open and relaxed.


Minato’s Laundromat, Volume 2 cover art

What is Minato’s Laundromat about?

As Boys’ Love manga go, Minato’s Laundromat has been one of my faves of this year.

The manga is written by Yuzu Tsubaki, with art by Sawa Kanzume.

The BL manga tells the story of almost 30-year-old laundromat owner Akira Minato, who decides to leave his stressful corporate job to take over a rundown laundromat that used to be owned by his grandfather.

Not long after he moves back to his hometown, however, the relaxing life he was hoping for takes a different turn as handsome high-schooler Shintarou Katsuki becomes a customer and makes it quite obvious he may be interested in Minato as more than just friends.

Shintarou still being in high school, though, Minato decides it is probably better he doesn’t let him know that he is gay.

Until a slip-of-the-tongue lets the cat out of the bag and, now, Shintarou is even more interested in the laundromat owner.

In Volume 2 of the manga series, things start to become more series with the high-schooler and the almost 30-year-old, with Yen Press describing the manga’s plot like this:

Akira Minato, an ex-office worker who now owns a shabby laundromat, doesn’t know what to do when high school hottie Shintarou Katsuki professes his feelings for him. Still troubled over a past love that he never came to terms with, Akira wants to refuse-but he can’t quite bring himself to deny Shintarou’s straightforward passion.

Meanwhile, Shintarou’s classmate, Asuka Hanabusa, decides to meddle in their affairs…

Volume 1 of Mintaro’s Laundromat is already out, with Volume 2 due out in February.

You can pre-order the second volume of the manga via Yen Press now and, if you like a sweet and relaxing Boys’ Love manga with likeable characters and a lovely art style, you probably should.