Mindy Kaling Loves Hulu Far More Than She Ever Liked Fox (Video)

mindy kaling on hulu

As streaming services become more and more popular and network and cable TV stations are watched less and less, it’s not surprising to see Mindy Kaling’s show moving from Fox to streaming service Hulu after Fox canceled the show at the end of its third season.

Kaling was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about tjust hat this week, with Kimmel saying he and his wife had signed up for Hulu just so they could continue to watch her show.


Of course, Mindy Kaling’s response was fabulous, “You’re the only straight man that watches the show. That’s really great”.

But she then went on to say while ‘The Mindy Project’ on Hulu is very much like the original Fox episodes, with it now being on Hulu each episode is slightly longer, (which is exactly what happens when you don’t have to break for commercials every seven minutes), and there will be five more episodes in this season than there were in the last.

But then she gave the funniest analogy as to why being on Fox for ‘The Mindy Project‘ sucked a lot of the time, whereas being on Hulu was like a dream come true. You’ll have to watch the video to hear it.

The Mindy Project‘ starts its fourth season on Hulu on September 15th.



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