Minecraft 1.8 World Customization: Video Shows How Awesome This Is

If you ever had any doubts Minecraft was a video game you could play for the rest of your life (literally!) without ever playing the same game twice, the new Minecraft 1.8 world customization should convince you otherwise. Not only is Mojang implementing a Minecraft 1.8 world customization option in their upcoming update, which will allow you to create worlds anyway you want them, they’ve also released a video showing how awesome this new update is going to be.

The world customization update will allow you to create as weird, bizarre, wonderful and unique of a Minecraft world as you want to, by simply giving you 16 new terrain-modifying sliders to play with. These terrain-modifying sliders will allow you to set your “depth base size” as well as your “upper limit scale” (can you imagine how massive your new Minecraft worlds could be?)

Other additions in the world customization options will allow you to choose a world with lava lakes or not, lava oceans or not – dungeons, temples, strongholds, villages, caves — or not. You can even customize a world with some of the deepest oceans ever found in Minecraft.


In fact, your new Minecraft worlds once this 1.8 world customization is released are going to be things of beauty far surpassing anything you’ve ever been able to create before.

Don’t believe me? Watch the Mojang video below, and then tell me that’s not freaking awesome!


Michelle Topham