Minecraft Dungeons now on Steam with all DLCs and special bonus content

Mojang’s massively popular RPG Minecraft Dungeons is now on Steam.

The video game has been available on the gaming platform since yesterday and already has a slew of positive comments, with gamers recommending it for anyone who wants a more relaxed RPG.

It’s brilliant for kids too, of course.

Along with the base game on Steam, players can also pick up the Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition.

That comes with all the game’s DLC released so far — Jungle Awakens, Flames of the Nether, Hidden Depths, Echoing Void, Howling Peaks and Creeping Winter — as well as special bonus content like the soundtracks for the base game and the DLCs, along with some pretty hi-res digital artwork.

The game also allows for cross-platform gameplay for up to four players.

The base Minecraft Dungeons on Steam is $19.99, with the Ultimate Edition going for $39.99.

As someone who has been playing Minecraft Dungeons for well over six months, and loving it, I am here to tell you for only an extra $20, and due to the base game being short, the Ultimate Edition should definitely be your choice.

Especially as, if you buy each DLC separately, they will cost you well over $20.

Along with Minecraft Dungeons now on Steam, the game is also available on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and PC without Steam, as well as via Xbox Game Pass.

Check out the Minecraft Dungeons Steam launch trailer below, then head off to Steam and grab it. You won’t regret it.


Michelle Topham