Minecraft Ghast Cannon Tower: Fire Those Suckers at Your Enemies (Video)

Build your own Ghast Cannon Tower and use those mofos to kill your enemies

I hate ghasts in Minecraft Survival mode. You’re just mozzying along minding your own business, then all of a sudden here come these creepy floating jellyfish blob things that start shooting fireballs at you. And, yep, they scream.Seriously? Who thought these foul things up?(Alright, they’re pretty fun!).

But, now it seems, you don’t really have to hate ghasts at all, not if you install the new Ghast Cannon Tower mod, as you can actually use them for something useful. As cannon fodder in your Ghast Cannon Tower.

What is the Ghast Cannon Tower mod?

The Ghast Cannon Tower is an awesome new Minecraft mod in which you build a huge tower with a ghast cage on top. Once built, all you need to do is find some ghasts, capture them in a net and take them back to your Ghast Cannon Tower where you’ll release them into a cage. The ghasts will stay trapped there until you release them. Release them? Well……fire them out of your cannon tower and use them as flaming ammunition — and yes, you can even aim them in every direction. Awesome, eh?


For more about the Ghast Cannon Tower mod, check out the video below. Soooooo cool.

Michelle Topham