Minecraft Halo Mod Includes Weapons, Armor, the Mongoose ATV and More (Video)

Are you a big fan of Minecraft but sometimes wish the game played a little more like Halo? Well, now it can. That’s because an incredibly cool mod – the Minecraft Halo Mod – will give you the Halo suit, the Halo weapons, the Mongoose ATV and a lot more.

The Minecraft Halo Mod isn’t just about weapons and suits though. The mod also introduces a slew of new blocks that will give your base that typical Halo ‘metal’ look. Blocks like metal ladders, titanium blocks, and titanium ore — all of which will be needed to make the incredible Halo armor the mod includes.

The mod does, of course, give you access to the typical Halo weapons as well – including the Energy Sword, battle rifles, assault rifles, a machete, the Plasma Pistol, the Plasma Grenade and a rocket launcher.

And don’t forget the Mongoose ATV. It’s fast, it’s cool it’s fun and……….it’s in Minecraft!

You can find out more about the Minecraft Halo mod from The Diamond Minecart’s mod spotlight video below. You can download it from Minecraft Forums.

Michelle Topham