Minecraft Pogo Stick Mod Gives You Sticks, Pogo Boots and Bouncer Blocks (Video)


The Minecraft Pogo Stick mod allows you to jump up to five blocks high

I spent the better half of yesterday playing Minecraft with the Minecraft Pogo Stick mod installed, which is absolutely fabulous. This mod doesn’t just give you the typical vanilla Minecraft pogo sticks, though. Oh no, this time you’ll get pogo sticks that you can craft that will give you special abilities. Abilities like Iron, Diamond, Explosive and Harming. Cool, eh?

The Minecraft Pogo Stick mod is easy to use. Crafting just requires the pogo stick template (made with two sticks and a slime ball) and a couple of easy-to-find items. Then you just make sure your pogo stick is in your hot bar, hold your right click mouse button and you’ll immediately see and feel yourself bouncing up and down.


What’s even cooler is the wooden pogo stick allows you to jump two blocks high, the stone pogo stick will let you jump three blocks high, the iron and gold ones will give you the ability to jump four blocks and finally the diamond pogo stick will bounce you up in the air for up to five blocks. Yep, it’s awesome.

There is also an explosive pogo stick and the Pogo Stick of Harm, which will massacre mobs, if you’re really into destruction, Pogo Boots, and some extremely cool Bouncer Blocks you can lay around your house if you feel like some trampoline-style action.

You can download the new Minecraft Pogo Stick mod from the Minecraft Forum. Meanwhile, check out The Diamond Minecart’s preview video of the mod. It will tell you all you need to know.




Michelle Topham