Minecraft Survival Map: City of Ender is Epic, Scary and Difficult (Video)


City of Ender Minecraft survival map is hard

If you like playing Minecraft survival maps, you’ll probably enjoy the City of Ender survival map. The map is huge, it’s well designed, an epic adventure and, yep, scary and difficult.


The map is based on the game, Slender and the object of the exercise, of course, is to find all eight pages that are hidden around the map, while avoiding being killed by an enderman, zombie, creeper or whatever else pops out and tries to do you in. It’s made more difficult with the fact that you aren’t allowed to mine or craft, nor can you eat or sleep so you have to play it fast.

For Minecraft survival map enthusiasts, though, this one is a good one. You can download it at Minecraft Maps. Or, if you just want to see what it looks like and what you’re getting yourself into, check out the video below.

Michelle Topham