Minecraft Teleportation Mod: Move Yourself Fast to Anywhere in the Game (Video)

 Get rid of your enemies with the Minecraft Teleportation mod

We’ve all played a Minecraft survival map where, if we’d just had the ability to teleport out of a sticky situation we’d gotten ourselves into, we wouldn’t have been killed. But, unless you’re playing a multi-player game where your partner can teleport you to him, this isn’t yet possible in Minecraft. Or is it?

Yep, actually it is, with a new Minecraft teleportation mod that will not only move you quickly out of or into bad situations, it will also teleport you back home if you want it to if you ever get lost. Plus, you can even teleport mobs or anything else you want to move as well.

The Minecraft teleportation mod adds blocks of an ore, the Teleportation Ore, into your world. You mine them just like any other block you find and, when you do you’ll get Teleportation Shards.


These shards can then be used to craft items you’ll need to teleport – items like the Teleportation Orb and the Teleportation Sword. You’ll then be able to move yourself at lighting speed to just about anywhere you like.

As for teleporting mobs with the Minecraft Teleportation mod, all you have to do is set a location on your Teleportation Sword and then hit a mob with the sword. As soon as the mob sustains some damage – presto – it will be whisked off without its consent to the very area of the block you designated. A jail? Another biome? A deep dark cave? A lake of lava? It’s entirely up to you.

Now isn’t that an awesome way to get rid of your enemies?

You can download this cool Minecraft Teleportation mod at Planet Minecraft, and don’t forget to watch The Diamond Minecart’s showcase video of the mob below. It’s excellent.



Michelle Topham