Minecraft’s Auto Dressing Dresser: Computer Craft Invention Changes Clothes Fast

The Minecraft Computer Craft Auto Dressing Dresser is one cool invention

If you’ve been watching the Minecraft Tekkit: Mission to the Moon series from Dave Chaos and the guys from VG Toolbox, you’re probably familiar with the Minecraft Auto Dressing Dresser.

A cool Computer Craft invention that allows you to jump into a closet and immeiately jump out wearing a completely different set of armour or clothes, the Minecraft Auto Dressing Dresser is pretty awesome.

What’s even cooler, is you can now learn how to create it, as Glitch from the VG Toolbox YouTube channel has created a step by step video to show you how.


Check it out below and also don’t miss seeing it in action in the Dave Chaos Tekkit video.


Michelle Topham