Miraculous Brothers Ep 9 ratings still STRONG as drama kicks off SECOND half

Photo courtesy JTBC

The South Korean mystery fantasy drama Miraculous Brothers, Episode 9 ratings are out via Nielsen Korea and, as has been the case since the drama premiered, they are still strong.

Nationwide, Miraculous Brothers, Episode 9 garnered 2.52 percent of the audience share, a number that is only slightly down from the previous episode’s 2.99 percent.

In Seoul, Miraculous Brothers, Episode 9 earned 2.33 percent of the audience share, which fell only 0.31 percent from its previous rating.

Both ratings are also on par with what the drama earned for its previous eight episodes, and have set up Miraculous Brothers for an equally strong second half.

International viewership of Miraculous Brothers

International viewers still watching Miraculous Brothers via various streaming services still seem to be viewing the drama positively, with some users on My Drama List asking why the rating on that site (7.9 out of 10) is so low.

Comments since Miraculous Brothers, Episode 9 aired last night are also positive, with several stating the drama is “underrated” and that it is turning out to be one of the best mystery dramas coming out of Korea in a while.

Miraculous Brothers stars Jung Woo, Bae Hyun Sung, Park Yu Rim, Oh Man Seok, and Lee Ki Woo.

The drama airs on JTBC in South Korea every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 (KST).

It also streams via Viki, although the American-owned website is several weeks behind JTBC on episode availability.


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