Miss Night and Day Ep 1 ratings higher than The Atypical Family – no wonder, it’s awesome!

Photo courtesy JTBC

New JTBC drama Miss Night and Day premiered last night to higher ratings than the first episode of The Atypical Family, its predecessor.

Nielsen Korea’s data shows Miss Night and Day, Episode 1 grabbed 3.99 percent of the nationwide audience share, compared to The Atypical Family‘s 3.28 percent.

The Atypical Family‘s ratings, of course, went up from there, with the K-drama finishing its run on 4.85 percent of the viewership.

Let’s see if Miss Night and Day can achieve the same, or better, then.

As for Miss Night and Day, Episode 1’s ratings in Seoul, they were an even higher 4.60 percent.

What is the plot of Miss Night and Day?

The Korean drama stars Lee Jung EunJung Eun Ji and Choi Jin Hyuk.

It tells the story of Lee Mi Jin (played by Jung Eun Ji), someone who has been desperately trying to get a job in the civil service, but failing for seven years.

Now, close to her 30s, and still unable to find a job, she meets a strange cat, gets drunk, falls down a well and wakes up in the body of a woman in her 50s.

But, by the time night arrives, she is back to being a woman in her 20s. From then on, she is forced to live as a 50-year-old during the day, while turning back into her 20s at night.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Gye Ji Woong meets Min Ji when she is scammed by a professional scammer.

Now, after requesting a transfer to the small town where Min Ji lives due to missing women cases from two decades ago, he keeps bumping into her.

But, as she is still in her 50-year-old body during the day, he doesn’t realize she is the same person.

Miss Night and Day (which I think should actually be called Miss Day and Night) airs every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC with Netflix streaming the Korean drama in some regions.

Watch it as, if the first episode is anything to go by, this one will be one of the big Korean drama hits of 2024.


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