Miss Night and Day, Episode 2 ratings fall slightly but still solid

Lee Jung Eun in Miss Night and Day — Photo courtesy JTBC

The second episode of the new JTBC rom-com Miss Night and Day aired last night to a slight fall in its ratings compared to the K-drama’s first episode.

With ratings drops for the second episodes of many dramas — dramas that then recover fast with subsequent episode releases — just like I say every time, the ratings for a second episode, unless they massively drop or massively rise, tend to be inconsequential.

Especially when, like with Miss Night and Day, there are still 14 more episodes to air.

Those ratings for Miss Night and Day, Episode 2, by the way, were still 3.60 percent nationwide — which is a slight drop from Episode 1’s viewership of 3.99 percent — but still quite a bit higher than the second episode of The Atypical Family, its predecessor, earned.

In Seoul, the ratings drop was slightly larger — from 4.60 percent to 3.78 percent — but still a solid rating for a second episode of a Korean drama airing on a Sunday evening.

International ratings for Miss Night and Day

Luckily, it appears the trolls who were rating Miss Night and Day a crazy low 6.7 out of 10 on My Drama List yesterday have been vanquished by others actually rating the show fairly, as its rating has now risen to a more accurate 8.0 out of 10 (although, IMO, it should be higher).

It will be interesting, however, to see how the Korean mystery rom-com performs on Netflix, where it is now streaming in some regions.

Especially as the type of comedy in the K-drama seems to be right up Netflix viewers’ alley.

We will keep you posted here on Leo Sigh as Netflix releases its viewing data.

Until then, if you have not yet started watching Miss Night and Day, do so and give it a fair chance, as it is turning out to be an incredibly fun show so far.

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