Missing Crown Prince Ep 19 grabs solid ratings ahead of series finale tonight

Photo courtesy MBN

Missing Crown Prince, Episode 19 aired on MBN last night to very solid ratings ahead of its final episode later on tonight.

Those ratings put it in the #1 spot in its time slot nationwide, and #2 in Seoul.

Nielsen Korea data shows Episode 19 of the Korean historical drama earned 4.24 percent of the audience on Saturday night.

That is almost treble the rating the K-drama earned for its first episode (1.45 percent) when it aired on April 13th, proving just how well the show has done in retaining its audience throughout its long run.

The K-drama also earned 3.84 percent from audiences in Seoul.

In other words, with such solid ratings, it is very likely Missing Crown Prince will go out on a ratings high tonight when its series finale airs tonight.

Check back to Leo Sigh tomorrow to find out.

Missing Crown Prince stars what has been the superb cast of Suho, Hong Ye Ji, Myung Se Bin, Kim Joo Hun, and Kim Min Kyu.

Its final episode will air on MBN tonight, with Viki streaming it around the same time.

On Viki, by the way, the Korean drama is still earning a very high 9.3 out of 10 rating from almost 2,400 viewers.

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