Missy Peregrym and Zachary Levi Get Married: Cutest Announcement Ever

zachary levi and missy peregrym
Photo of Zachary Levi by Genevieve, photo of Missy Peregrym by Adam-Bielawski – both Creative Commons licenses


Missy Peregrym and Zachary Levi have gotten married and they just sent out the cutest wedding announcement ever. Over Twitter. Of course.

The couple are in Maui, Hawaii supposedly on holiday but things started to move beyond a holiday just a couple of days ago. That’s when Missy tweeted this to Zach:


missy peregrym tweet

A few days later and Missy’s Twitter followers were suddenly tweeted a photograph with a message that said “That coffee date was UNREAL @ZacharyLevi #marriedinmaui”.

In the photograph, both Missy and Zachary were wearing hoodies, with Missy’s saying ‘Mrs” on the hood and Zachary’s, of course, “Mr”. Awwwwww.


zachary levi married

Just a few minutes later, and Zachary Levi retweeted Missy’s tweet, adding the message “These dreams and goals are really workin out”.

zachary levi dreams and goals missy

Seriously, how cute is that? The cutest wedding announcement ever I’d say.

Congratulations Missy and Zachary, and all the best for your future happiness.

Michelle Topham