Moby Calls Trump ‘A Little Failure’, Honest, Direct and Correct — 30 Days, 30 Songs


When it comes to the 30 Days 30 Songs Trump-free America campaign, the prize for being the most direct has to go to singer-songwriter, musician and DJ Moby.

Because his song just released for day 13 of the campaign is called ‘A Little Failure’, and it does nothing but list Donald Trump’s failings, both as a human being and as a business man,

It’s also worth remembering that Donald Trump has called Mexicans rapists, has called women pigs, so simply he’s a racist and he’s a misogynist and even more simply, Donald Trump is just a little failure”.

Yep. Moby definitely says it like it is. And he hits Donald Trump in the place he protects the most — his ego.

Moby’s ‘A Little Failure‘ was recorded with the Void Pacific Choir. Listen to it below.

And pick up Moby’s brand new album, also recorded with the Void Pacific Choir, on all major digital music sites.

Michelle Topham

Michelle Topham

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