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Model Miranda Kerr Gets Engaged To Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel

I said yes!!! ❤️😍❤️😍❤️

A photo posted by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr announced her engagement this weekend. On her Instagram account. With a photograph of her engagement ring and the words “I said yes!!!”.

Kerr is set to marry Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel. While the two first met at a fashion house dinner in 2014, they have been exclusively dating since mid-2015.

The marriage will be the second one for Miranda Kerr, who was formerly married to actor Orlando Bloom. They have a five-year-old son together. It will be Spiegel’s first marriage.

The Kerr-Spiegel marriage will also be another marriage between an older woman and a younger man. Something that has become more the ‘norm’ in the entertainment world. And isn’t that nice. Kerr is 33 years old, while Spiegel is 26.


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