mol-74’s ‘Replica’ music video reminds only you can change your life and you should if you’re not happy

I have already been addicted to Omoinotake’s ‘EVERBLUE, the opening theme song for the new anime Blue Period, since I started watching that anime on Netflix this month.

Now, apparently, it’s time to become addicted to mol-74’s ‘Replica‘  — the Blue Period ending theme song — and a song as equally fabulous as the anime’s opening song.

The full music video for mol-74’s ‘Replica‘ was just released yesterday, and both the song and the video are superb.

mol-74’s ‘Replica‘ music video features a young woman who is doing nothing more than going through the motions of life. Living like a puppet, as strings tied around her wrist follow her around as she lives an almost dead life.

Mid-way through the video, however, she realizes she can change her own life and make herself happy, so she unties the red strings and pulls them from her wrists.

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She then runs off with her friends to enjoy a life that is not controlled.

Whilemol-74’s ‘Replica‘ is the Blue Period ending theme song, it is also a track that will be included on the Japanese rock band’s third EP, which will be released on November 24th.

mol-74’s says about the song, its’ message is you can change your lif yourself, rather than waiting for someone else to do it for you.


Cover for mol-74’s upcoming EP Replica

Hey, I will agree with that as, isn’t that what protagonist Yatora is trying to do in Blue Period?

Watch mol-74’s ‘Replica’ music video below, and re-listen to the song at the ending of the Blue Period anime, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

I will just add too, if you like anime, love art and enjoy superb music, you cannot go wrong with Blue Period as it really is wonderful.


Michelle Topham