Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine – Rythian, Sjin, Strippin and Danny Worst Thieves Ever (Video)

What is Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine?

I was at a friend’s house last night, a Thai friend who buys just about every game ever made, which is why he owns Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine. An indie game that came out a couple of months ago, it’s a truly fun and addictive stealth action game and, yep, I got a chance to play it in a local co-op game.

Developed by Pocketwatch Games, in Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, you’re nothing more than a thief in a group of thieves that breaks into a company and tries to pull off the perfect heist.

Working together, you first of all break out of jail. Then, still with your group, you break into a company, a foreign embassy or other organization and snoop around to see what you can find. Avoiding the guards is mandatory or you’ll get your ass kicked, you must unlock doors to proceed onto further levels and, in tight situations, don’t forget to sneak.

In reality, Monaco is an absolutely superb co-op game and one of the best heist-style games I’ve ever played. While graphics are minimal, gameplay is so incredibly fun that you stop even noticing the sub-par graphics five minutes into the game.

The Yogscast’s Rythian, Sjin, Strippin and Danny play Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine

When I came home, still buzzing from playing the game and not owning a copy myself, to get my fix I watched The Yogscast’s Rythian, Sjin, Strippin and Danny playing a game of Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine and, I’m proud to say, they were even worse than I was — although screamingly funny to watch.

Check out The Yogscast’s Rythian (and friends) playing Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine and then pick up the game for 15 bucks (or 45 bucks for a 4-pack) on the game’s website.

Michelle Topham