Montenegro’s Knez Has Beautiful Staging at First Eurovision 2015 Rehearsal

knez adio rehearsal eurovision 2015

Montenegro’s Knez has perfect staging in first Eurovision 2015 rehearsal

I’ve never tried to hide that Montenegro’s Knez with his song ‘Adio‘ is one of my favorites at Eurovision 2015. So I was delighted to see Montenegro’s staging at the first Eurovision 2015 semi-final 2 rehearsal, as it is absolutely stunning.

Knez stands on stage with four female backing singers and a violinist. The staging is simple with Knez standing with his singers and the violinist in an asymmetric grouping, but the LED screens are dramatic in deep almost fluorescent reds and blues, which all together make his performance really pop.


Plus, Knez has a gorgeous voice, and sings beautifully live, so I’m really looking forward to his semi-final performance now as this is going to be lovely.

Watch a few seconds from Knez’ first rehearsal at Eurovision 2014 in the video below. Isn’t that one of the most beautiful pieces of staging you’ve seen so far?

In the video below that, the official Eurovision channel also talked to Knez about his impression of the Vienna Eurovision so far, and he had nothing but praise for everything.

He also introduced his backing singers and violinist, one of whom is his daughter.



Michelle Topham