Montenegro’s Knez Releases ‘Adio’ Official Video for Eurovision 2015: Beautiful Video and Song

knez adio official video


Montenegro’s Knez has released the official video for his Eurovision 2015 song entry ‘Adio. It’s a video that is not only showcasing that fabulous song, but also Montenegro, which looks like one of the world’s most beautiful countries if this is anything to go by.

And listening to it, I’m loving Knez’ ‘Adio‘ more and more, as isn’t that what part of Eurovision is about? Showcasing your country and its art?


Well then Knez does it perfectly with this. A beautiful video of a gorgeous country, a phenomenal Balkan ballad with a stunning instrumental opener, and one of the few songs in the competition not sung in English (and, oh, how I love that). Fabulous.


Michelle Topham