Morgan Freeman Met Prince Harry and Had No Idea Who He Was (Video)

morgan freeman on meeting prince harry

What is it with these huge celebrities that meet another huge celebrity, but have absolutely no idea who the other person is? (Remember Ed O’Neill when he met Britney Spears? Even Ed’s own daughter thought he was clueless!).

Well now it turns out Morgan Freeman met Prince Harry recently. And, you guessed it. Had no idea who he was either.

Freeman was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week talking about meeting Prince Harry, the First Lady Michelle Obama and President George Bush at the Invictus Games recently. Problem was, even while sat next to Prince Harry (see photo on video below) he still couldn’t figure out who this guy was or why he was sat next to Michelle Obama.

“I was introduced to him. And I was just introduced to him as “Harry”, so I didn’t know who he was……” and he made a “Yikes” face.

He went on to say he figured out the guy he had sat next to was Prince Harry when “someone backstage said, “So you met Prince Harry?”. I said, “No”. He said, “Sure you did”. I said, “No. I mean he was there...”.

Kimmel then asked Freeman, “When was the last time you were nervous to meet someone? Can you remember?” Because you wouldn’t think Morgan Freeman would be nervous about meeting anyone.

And oh yes, Freeman could definitely remember when he was nervous to meet someone. Watch the video below to find out who.