Morrissey Live in Manchester, 2004 – Even Old Performances Should Be Revisited


Morrissey, surely one of the UK’s most incredible singers, is always worth revisiting when you stumble across an old music video of his on the Internet. Because everything he does stands up to time so well.

This video is of Morrissey Live in Manchester in 2004, and is an absolutely superb performance of him performing his gorgeous song “Let Me Kiss You“, from his album You Are The Quarry.


So much so, it is no wonder so many Moz fans actually try to get on stage to kiss him at just about every concert he gives.

As for this video, I could listen to it 1,000 times and never hate it. Because sexy doesn’t even begin to describe it. He is absolutely lovely.

We must find “a place in the sun,” sings Morrissey. “I already found mine”.

Yes. I know the feeling.



Michelle Topham