Moto GP 13 Video Shows Motion Capturer Sessions

Moto GP 13 Video Shows Motion Capturer Sessions

Motion capture has always fascinated me, so I loved watching this new Moto GP 13 video from British developer Milestone.

After all let’s face it, rider’s animation are incredibly important in a motorcycle game as, if the developer gets them wrong, it just about kills game immersion.

That is why Milestone takes their motion capture work so seriously.

Milestone does all their motion capture with an actor actually sitting on a bike. Covered with markers, they then record every tiny movement he makes using infra-red cameras. That even includes the way the rider falls.

Check the Moto GP 13 motion capture sessions video out below. Cool, I think.

By the way, Moto GP 13 is now available for pre-order and it will even come with free DLC. You can do just that on most major digital distributors.

You will then get the game on June 21st.


Michelle Topham