Mount Your Friends ‘The Physics of Penis’: It Doesn’t Get Much Weirder (Video)

Sure, there are some incredibly weird video games out there but “Mount Your Friends” really does take the cake. A game that’s on Xbox Live Indie Games for only 80 Microsoft points or just a buck, and features nothing more than a goat, and a bunch of near naked men that you then have to stack on top of each other in a humans-on-goat pyramid.

What makes Mount Your Friends highly disturbing, but incredibly hilarious, are the swinging penises that said men also feature as they roll across your screen in their DayGlo underwear and up onto the pile (have I been missing something, as I always thought penises packed into incredibly tight underwear didn’t ‘swing’ that much? But they do here).

Gameplay in Mount Your Friends requires nothing more than using specific buttons to move each of the limbs of your guy one by one, thereby getting him to climb on top of the goat and then up and up and up, so he ends up on top of the last guy on the pyramid. As soon as he’s safely up there, another guy pops up and on and on, until the timer runs out.

Physics actually don’t enter in this game at all and, as for the penises, there’s no controlling them as they have a life of their own (okay, so that’s true to life).

Watch the Mount Your Friends gameplay video below and then rush off and grab it. It really is a fun game to play single-player, but even more fun with multiplayer and a group of friends, especially if you’ve had a few beers.

Can I just say, though, is it odd that I find the catatonic goat the most disturbing part of this whole game? All I can say is, thank god it’s not a sheep.


Michelle Topham