Mr. Shifty Gameplay Video Still Doesn’t Excite Me About This Nintendo Switch Game

Mr. Shifty gameplay

15 minutes of Mr. Shifty gameplay and I’m still not excited

I detest top-down games. I think most of them are ugly, clunky and uninteresting to play. That being said, IGN has just released a video of the first 15 minutes of Mr. Shifty gameplay — a new Nintendo Switch game developed by an Australian indie developer — and I did decide to check it out. Because, you know, you never know. It could be the exception to the rule.

After watching the Mr. Shifty gameplay though, I’m no more interested in playing the game than I was before.


Especially because it’s very much a cheap knockoff of Hotline Miami than it is its own game. And a boring E rated version of the game at that.

Hotline Miami, now that was a stellar game. Top-down or not. And Mr. Shifty is the same type of game — top-down. But, in comparison to Hotline Miami, that seems to be where it ends.

As the graphics in this new game are ugly, making the game even less inspiring, the music is annoying (and apparently exactly the same music on every level) and the gameplay is dull and not that challenging — sentiments this review from Destructoid mainly agrees with.

If you enjoy top-down games, and don’t care much about graphics or repetitive music, you may think differently.

And, if you’re looking for a new game for the still-quite-sparse Nintendo Switch, Mr. Shifty might be worth a purchase. Especially as it’s only $15 on Steam.

Watch the Mr. Shifty gameplay video below, though, before you rush off and buy it, as you could be disappointed.


I know I would be.

Michelle Topham

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