Mrs Greenbird ‘Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales’: Catchy Folk Tune – Repeat Rotation Video

mrs greenbird



While over on the Napster Fan Awards website earlier today voting for Conchita Wurst, I discovered a German modern folk duo whose video ‘Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales‘ very quickly made it to become my Repeat Rotation Video today. That duo is a man and a woman who go by the name Mrs. Greenbird.

In real life, Mrs. Greenbird is actually singer Sarah Nücken and guitarist Steffen Brückner. They’ve been together since 2006, as both musicians and a couple, and in 2012 were the winners of the German version of X Factor.

What I love about Mrs. Greenbird’s ‘Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales’ and why I played it so much today is Sarah’s voice, as it’s so whimsical and girly. Add into the mix Steffen’s guitar playing, lovely lyrics, and a catchy beat and it’s no surprise I’ve been playing ‘Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales’ for hours.

Listen to it below and what an awesome video, eh?