Mumford and Sons Sing ‘Believe’ on Letterman, They’re a Rock Band (Video)

mumford and sons believe on letterman

British (used to be folk) rock band Mumford¬†and Sons were on the Late Show with David Letterman last night where they gave us a live performance of ‘Believe’, the first single from their latest album Wilder Mind just released on Monday.

Wilder Mind has been giving some fans a bit of grief as it’s quite a bit different music style-wise from their previous albums. Far less folk (well, no folk at all really) accordions and banjos, and much more rock.

Personally, while I prefer Mumford and Son’s older music to this, it does still hold some charm and, let’s face it, these guys are proving they can definitely rock. If rock, and not folk rock, is what you want that is.


Listen to Mumford and Sons on Letterman below. And watch the whole show as, of course, it was mainly the band.

Michelle Topham