Murdered: Soul Suspect 25-Minute Gameplay Video Shows Best-Selling Game

Murdered: Soul Suspect, the new supernatural detective thriller from Square Enix and Airtight Games has to have the best opening of any game I’ve seen — ever. After all, when you see how you (the character-in-the-game you) dies, experience being shot full of bullets and then……turn into a ghost right before your very own eyes, how does any other game opening beat that? And the Murdered: Soul Suspect 25-minute gameplay video just released convinces me this one is going to be a best-selling game — guaranteed.

In Murdered: Soul Suspect, you play a just-been-killed cop who spends the first days of his death trying to find out who killed him, and why. In the Murdered: Soul Suspect gameplay video, you’ll see some investigation, a whole lot of clues and, oh yeah, you’ll experience walking through walls and possessing people — well, you are a ghost, right.

Check out the Murdered: Soul Suspect 25-minute gameplay video below and then tell me you weren’t just thrusting your money at the screen. I know I was.


Michelle Topham