My Dress-Up Darling Episode 10 review – Marin has it bad for Gojou and he is still oblivious

SPOILERS — Obviously. So don’t read this if you don’t want to know!


There are only two more episodes of My Dress-Up Darling left to air after the just-released Episode 10 and, boy, will I be sad. As this anime has turned out to be one of the gems of Winter, 2022.

But, here we are at the My Dress-Up Darling, Episode 10 review. An episode that starts off with Marin and Juju cosplaying when Shion-chan first becomes Black Lily, and Black Lobelia isn’t sure if she’s on her side.

Because, yep, this is how in-depth and detailed Marin and Juju get when it comes to cosplaying their favorite anime characters.

My Dress-Up Darling, Episode 10 review — “We’ve All Got Struggles

Juju thanks Gojou for helping make her sister Shinju’s cosplay costume, and says she will pay him back for the money he spent beyond the raw materials, as Shinju hadn’t realized Gojou had spent his own money on her outfit.

While this was just a small scene with Juju chastizing Gojou, telling him he needed to be “more serious” about money, I enjoyed it very much.

After all, while Juju comes off as only caring about her own cosplays and not being cognisant about what is going on around her, in reality Juju loves her sister and will do anything for her.

She also likes Gojou, although she would never tell him that.

That’s why, as Juju is talking to Gojou about Shinju, she’s gushing about him in her head, “You took something that is so precious to me, and handled it with so much care and consideration”.

Remember too, the care Juju puts into her cosplay outfits also comes from that same personality that makes her notice characteristics of the people around her, and thus have warm feelings towards them. Even though she pretends otherwise.

And that’s what makes Juju so appealing — her tsundere personality that, in reality, hides a gentle heart.

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This episode of My Dress-Up Darling is also wonderful for the attention to detail of the costumes featured in it, and how intricate some of the designs of them turn out to be.

After all, it is obvious from the costumes worn in the episode that mangaka Shinichi Fukuda must have spent a lot of time learning everything she could about the cosplay world before creating the My Dress-Up Darling manga.

That way she understood what it takes to have a costume that is a stand-out in that high-competition world.


Marin learns Gojou was alone with Shinju

Speaking of cosplay costumes, the same night, Marin calls Gojou and congratulates him on the great job he did on Shinju’s costume.

But, when Gojou tells her they created the outfit together, just the two of them, Marin is jealous that he and Shinju were alone together.

As she hasn’t told Gojou she’s in love with him yet though, she doesn’t have any claim on him, right?

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Besides, Marin is a nice girl (and it’s why we all love her) so, even if she is jealous, she would never tell Gojou, or cause him or Shinju any trouble.

Remember too, while she might be well-endowed, Shinju is still in middle school, so not exactly a threat to Marin’s future romance with Gojou.

Gojou, of course, is oblivious about Marin being in love with him, so he chatters on about Shinju and her cosplay outfit.

Meanwhile, the next project Gojou and Marin are working on is ‘Veronica’ — a cosplay character that is so risqué, the costume she plans on wearing could be sewn in about four minutes, as there is so little of it.

Gojou’s day becomes complete, however, when Marin shows up and needs to take a shower as it’s so hot, even her clothes are dripping from sweat.

But, when Gojou lends her his gym clothes, he has a total ‘boyfriend shirt’ moment, as he realizes how cute Marin looks in his clothes.

That’s when we get another lovely scene of Gojou crushing on Marin, and Marin crushing right back, but neither of them being aware just how much the other likes them.

Later on, we learn just how bad Marin has it for Gojou when she takes him to buy new clothes, and thinks he looks drop dead gorgeous in everything he tries on.

But it’s the ending of My Dress-Up Darling, Episode 10 that is adorable, when Gojou tells Marin he can’t help her with the ‘Veronica cosplay’.

She panics and asks him why, and he tells her there’s so little costume, he’s just unable to look at her chest, as it embarrasses him.

Marin then freaks out laughing about his response to her ‘underboob’.

Of course, Marin being Marin, she can’t let it go. And so the episode ends on an even funnier note. Watch it to find out.

You can do that, of course, at Crunchyroll.

Episode 10, by the way, was one of my most favorite yet, as I loved the way the cosplay costumes the girls wear are so lavish and beautiful, how lovely each photograph Shinju took is, and how much passion has been put into creating both the manga and the anime based on it.

Passion that flies off the page as Marin, Gojou, Juju and Shinju are so happy to just be doing what they love, and it shows.

After all, just like Marin talked about in Episode 1, if you find something you love, you should do it wholeheartedly and not allow anyone else make you feel bad about it.