My Dress-Up Darling Episode 6 recap and review — Marin in love and Juju arrives

My Dress-Up Darling, Episode 6, “For Real?!” begins on the train with Marin and Gojou coming back from the cosplay event, and Marin hearing Gojou say she looked “beautiful” in her cosplay outfit.

Knowing he only uses the word beautiful for things that really touch his heart, she is shocked.


But…  she may also be feeling something more, it seems?

My Dress-Up Darling, Episode 6, “For Real?!” recap

As if you couldn’t love Marin any more, My Dress-Up Darling, Episode 6 makes you go into hyperspace with that love.

The episode starts with Marin and Gojou washing her cosplay wig, which is sweaty from the event. But, as Marin watches Gojou talk, roses suddenly start to appear around his head.

Oh Marin, are you in for a lot of trouble!

Meanwhile, Gojou’s grandfather is on his way home from his daughter’s house and telling her why he fell — Gojou had two pairs of women’s pantyhose, and it shocked him so much because he is now wondering if he might be gay.


His daughter just laughs at him, telling him that kind of thing is normal for high school boys in this day and age.

Back at home, his grandfather walks in to find Gojou holding a dress, which almost gives him a heart attack. Until Marin suddenly pops up and says “Konichiwa”.

It is then explained to him what Gojou and Marin are doing together, and grandfather and Gojou look at the cosplay outfit he made for Marin.



But then… something strange happens.

While Marin is watching Gojou with his grandfather, she realizes something — “Oh shit. I’m totally head over heels for Gojou-kun”.

Yep, Marin is in love.



Soon, Marin is invited to stop by for dinner every night after Gojou’s grandfather realizes she lives alone and can’t cook.

The day after, though, Marin has to work and, during a rain storm, it is Gojou’s grandfather who sees a girl outside in the rain, thinks she’s a friend of Gojou’s and let’s her in to wait for him and to take a bath.

Well, she’s soaked to the skin, so you would, right?

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That unfortunate decision leaves Gojou to discover the girl in the bathroom in a quite compromising position, and he sees more than he expected. Far more, in fact.

Soon, however, it becomes clear why the girl is there.


She is the famous cosplayer Juju – the girl Marin loves — and she is here to ask Gojou to make her an outfit as she loved the one he made Marin.

And this is where you fall in love with Marin once again as, when she finally arrives for dinner, she discovers Gojou with Juju and immediately goes crazy over her fellow cosplayer telling her how much she loves her.

The trio then talk and, at first, Juju thinks Marin is the type that just loves cosplay because she looks cute in the outfits.

But, as Marin talks about the anime she loves, Juju realizes she has misjudged her — she isn’t shallow and vain and airheaded — she’s cool and amazing.


The episode ends with a couple of funny little scenes.

Both involving the amazing Marin, who will make you laugh hard with her reaction to two things. Reactions that only a kind-hearted, funny, sweet girl who looks for the best in every person and every situation could possibly have.

You will have to watch My Dress-Up Darling, Episode 6, “For Real?!” to find out what they are.

You can do that at Crunchyroll, in subbed and dubbed versions.

My Dress-Up Darling, Episode 6, “For Real?!” review

Honestly, there isn’t much of a review for this episode, as why does there need to be.

Only for me to say I sat there with a grin a room wide while Marin was just being Marin, and belly laughed through almost every scene.

Juju too is superb.

Thank you, Shinichi Fukuda, for creating My Dress-Up Darling, because it is so utterly wonderful I leave every new episode so full of happiness for having just experienced that, I cannot even explain.

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Michelle Topham