My Happy Marriage 6th MOST-WATCHED Non-English TV Series on Netflix

One of my not even remotely guilty pleasures is the new anime series My Happy Marriage.

An anime based on the light novel and manga series by Akumi Agitogi that is currently streaming via Netflix.

And an anime, apparently, that is just as loved around the world as much as I love it as, according to Netflix’ latest numbers just released, My Happy Marriage was the sixth most-watched non-English TV series on their platform between July 31st and August 6th.

Netflix also announced the romance anime has been watched for more than 4.9 million hours so far, with more than 2.4 million views.

It is also in the Top 10 in 34 countries, including Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hong Kong, Morocco, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Malaysia.

My Happy Marriage (aka Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon in Japan) follows Miyo Saimori, an abused elder daughter, who is sent off to marry Kiyoka Kudou, a military captain who has kicked several fiancees out of his house already.

He is also rumored to be cruel and evil.

When Miyo arrives at Kudou’s house, however, she discovers not only is he not remotely as he is said to be (he is incredibly kind), but she soon has a place she can finally call home.


My Happy Marriage stars Reina Ueda as Miyo and Kaito Ishikawa, with new episodes being uploaded to Netflix every Wednesday.

If you enjoy a beautifully animated series with a gorgeous art style and a lovely story, this one should make you very happy.


Michelle Topham