My Hero Academia Season 4 key visual has Deku wearing Lemillion’s cape and protecting Eri

With the finale of the Hero Intern arc in My Hero Academia soon ending, the official Twitter account of the popular anime series has just released a new, and gorgeous, My Hero Academia Season 4 key visual.

It shows an enraged and very powerful Deku with Eri cowering behind him, and the words “I’ll absolutely be your hero!” and “Deku goes to the limit” in Japanese.


In the key visual, Deku is also wearing Lemillion’s cape.

In other words, it looks very much like we can expect something quite phenomenal in the upcoming finale of the first part of My Hero Academia Season 4.

Look out for the episode on January 11th on Crunchyroll (if it is available in your region), and check out the new My Hero Academia Season 4 key visual above.

Nice, eh?

Michelle Topham