My Tiny Senpai Ep 1 preview video proves how ADORABLE and CUTE this anime will be

My Tiny Senpai, Ep 1 preview video gives a taste of sweetness between Takuma Shinozaki and his senpai Shiori Katase

As a huge fan of the rom com anime My Senpai is Annoying, I cannot wait for the premiere of a similar sounding show coming out next month.

That show is the Project No. 9 produced My Tiny Senpai, which is due to premiere on July 2nd.

To make my excitement even more unbearable, today the official website for the anime has begun streaming a new My Tiny Senpai Episode 1 preview video proving just how adorable and cute this one is likely to be.

The episode is titled My Company’s Senior Is Small and Cute. It will premiere on July 2nd in Japan.

Crunchyroll will be streaming both a subbed-version of the anime and an English dub around the same time.

Check out the adorably cute new My Tiny Senpai Episode 1 preview video below.

What is My Tiny Senpai?

The anime follows new employee Takuma Shinozaki who is taken under the wing of his superior Shiori Katase. An incredibly sweet, kind and beautiful co-worker who just happens to be teeny tiny as well.

As her attention towards him continues, Shinozaki begins to hope she pays so much attention to him because she likes him as much as he likes her, and not just because she is just doing her job.

Then one day, Shiori tries a spell to ease Takuma’s nervousness as he prepares for a project presentation.

The My Tiny Senpai anime is based on the manga series written and illustrated by Saisou.

The drama currently has six volumes out in Japanese, with no word yet on whether an English language translation will be forthcoming.

Now we are getting an anime series, though, it very well might be.

The manga’s seventh volume is due out in Japan in September.

My Tiny Senpai is being directed by Mitsutoshi Satou (Episode Director of Ranking of Kings), with Keiichirou Ouchi, Yasuko Aoki and Satoru Sugizawa in charge of scripts and series composition, while Hayato Hashiguchi and Hiromi Ogata are designing the characters.

Hina Tachibana (Rie in Cue!) is voicing Shiori Katase, with Yuuki Shin (Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers) as Takuma Shinozaki.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Official My Tiny Senpai website