Neil Patrick Harris and Family Have Best Halloween Costumes Ever

A long time ago in a Halloween far, far away….

A photo posted by Neil Patrick Harris (@nph) on

When you see photos Neil Patrick Harris uploads to his Instagram account, you can see right away how much he loves his family, as photo after photo shows Neil, his husband David Burtka, and their adorable twins Gideon and Harper having an absolute blast at just living life.

But one of the best photographs he has uploaded was the one we got yesterday. Neil Patrick Harris and family as Star Wars characters.

Neil Patrick is dressed as an incredibly awesome Obi-Wan Kenobi, David as Han Solo springing into action, Harper as a rocking and very stylish Princess Leia and, of course, Gideon as the coolest ever Luke Skywalker.


Check them out above. Aren’t they just the best Halloween costumes ever? And don’t you just adore Neil Patrick Harris and his awesome family?

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Michelle Topham