Netflix Best Home for ‘Beasts of No Nation’ Says Director Cary Fukunaga (Video)

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It used to be not long ago, if a movie was released on a streaming service like Netflix it meant is wasn’t good enough for theatrical release. Not any more, of course. Not since Netflix became one of the big boys when it comes to TV series and movies. Which is exactly what director Cary Fukunaga thought when he was approached by Netflix as the new home of his latest movie ‘Beasts Of No Nation‘.

Fukunaga was talking to Variety recently when he mentioned the superb relationship he has with Netflix.

According to him, “Netflix came in really with an offer we couldn’t refuse, and it wasn’t a no brainer. Like I sat there with producers and we discussed it, really wanted to be clear about what that meant for the life of the film when it came out. Because the theatrical experience is very important to me”.

Fukunaga went on to say Netflix was great about agreeing to not only release ‘Beasts Of No Nation‘ in theaters before it hit Netflix itself, but that they also agreed to promote it heavily to make sure it did as well as possible.

Interestingly too, he said Netflix had something even better to offer — a potential longer time with ‘Beasts Of No Nation‘ in movie theaters as, due to the fact their business model does not require theatrical releases to make huge amounts of money or they’ll pull the film, that meant the movie does not have the pressure to be a hit quickly.

Watch Cary Fukunaga talk about why not only is Netflix such an awesome distributor for ‘Beasts Of No Nation’, but that it is also a potentially excellent distributor for many other films as well.

It’s no wonder they’ve been getting so many superb movies lately, is it?



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