New ‘Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai’ cast named includes Yoshino Aoyama, Satoshi Hino and Atsuko Tanaka

Meet new members of the Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai cast

The official X (Twitter) account of the upcoming anime Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai (aka Prince Without a Servant: The Chronicle of Yatagarasu or The Crow Does Not Choose its Master) unveiled six new cast members earlier today, along with graphics of the characters they play.

Those new Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai cast members are:

  • Eiji Takeuchi (Tokyo Revengers) who is playing Sumio
  • Satoshi Hino (Doctor Elise) who is voicing Natsuka
  • Hiroshi Shirokuma (Bungou Stray Dogs) voices Rokon
  • Kengo Kawanishi (Blue Period) playing Atsufusa
  • Yoshino Aoyama (Bocchi the Rock!) voicing Fujinima
  • Atsuko Tanaka (The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic) as Oomurasaki no Omae

They join the previously announced cast members Miyu Irino (who is playing Wakamiya), Mutsumi Tamura (Yukiya), Rina Honizumi (Asebi), Hiroki Nanami (Hamayuu), Ayaka Fukuhara (Masuhonosuki), and Rie Kugimiya (Shiratama).

Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai staff

As for the anime’s staff, Yoshiaki Kyougoku (Yuru Camp) is directing the anime, with Yukiko Yamamuro in charge of series composition, and Takushige Norita (Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-nee) designs the characters.

Studio Pierrot (Tokyo Ghoul/Narato) is in charge of anime production.


Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai key visual

The plot of Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai

The anime is being adapted from the massively popular Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai novel series written by Chisato Abe.

Bungeishunjuu, who is publishing the books, describes the plot like this:

Yukiya, a “simple” boy from one of the four great noble families, is chosen to serve the crown prince, Wakamiya.

The prince, however, is regarded as an idiot and is surrounded by many powerful enemies since he had taken over as heir to the throne from his elder brother, who still has a lot of supporters.

The imperial court is full of conspirators and assassins. How can Wakamiya and Yukiya overcome these adversaries?

Meanwhile, a manga adaptation of Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai began being published in 2020 in Japan, with four volumes of the manga out so far.

The anime adaptation is set to premiere on April 6 at 11:45 p.m. on NHK.

Until then, you can see illustrations of all the characters announced so far, with information about them via the anime’s official website.

If you enjoy an epic story, this one is likely to be right up your alley.

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