New Laid-Back Camp S3 key visual and trailer has girls having fun planning next camping trip

Latest Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 key visual and trailer make the anime look like a lot of fun

The official website of the upcoming anime Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 has released a new (beautiful) key visual and trailer ahead of the comfy slice-of-life series’ premiere on April 4th.

The new Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 key visual features all our favorite girls doing just what you would expect them to be doing — camping, and, of course, eating while camping.

It also wonderfully portrays the joy the girls experience every time they head off with their friends to enjoy the next gorgeous camping site.

Hell, if you weren’t already intrigued or in love with Japan, you will be after watching any Laid-Back Camp episode. They make Japan look so damned pretty.

Check out the latest Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 key visual below.


Latest Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 key visual

Along with the key visual, we also got a new Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 trailer that, at a minute 30 seconds in length, gives us a good look at the girls getting ready for a new trip — Rin wondering if her grandfather’s old tent will still be serviceable, Nadeshiko enjoying delicious food, and Nadeshiko, Chiaki and Aoi preparing equipment that Nadeshiko then ruins.

It ends with Rin asking Nadeshiko “Where should we go next?”.

Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 the details

The upcoming new season of the hit slice-of-life anime has been a fair while in coming.

Since April, 2021 to be exact, when the anime’s second season ended.

But now here it is, with the Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 details that we know so far looking like this… (and yep, there are some big, slightly worrying, changes).

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The new season of the anime is being directed by Shin Tosaka, who replaces Yoshiaki Kyogoku, the director of Seasons 1 and 2 and the recent film.

Shin Tosaka has nothing much under his belt, except as director of two extremely poorly-rated anime — IS: Infinite Stratos 2, and the even worse ranked Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars.

We’ll have to see how he does with Laid-Back Camp, Season 3, but let’s hope it isn’t as poorly-directed as those two atrocities or the obsessed-with-Laid-Back-Camp fans — and that includes me — will not be happy.

Takanori Hashimoto, who also has no experience in designing characters for an anime, is the new character designer.

Hence why the characters have looked a little “off” in previous trailers, although they seem to have improved in this one. Watch it below.

Masafumi Sugiura is in charge of scripts and series composition, and this is a little more promising, as Sugiura was also responsible for the superb scripts for Barakamon and Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Instead of the superb C-Station in charge of anime production, we have Studio Eightbit.

But, as Eightbit did a fantastic job with That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Blue Lock and Encouragement of Climb, the anime studio should do a bangup job with Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 as well.

Fingers crossed.

Check out the new Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 trailer, which does make the anime look like a lot of fun and nicely designed and animated, and enjoy the cute and wonderfully vibrant Laid-Back Camp, Season 3 key visual up above.

The anime will premiere on April 4th in Japan, with Crunchyroll streaming it internationally.


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