New Photograph of Queen Elizabeth: In The Scottish Heather in Full Robes


There’s a photograph of Queen Elizabeth that’s about to be published in a new book, and it is beautiful.

The photograph shows the Queen standing in the Scottish heather at her Balmoral estate wearing full robes of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle.


Striking as, at first glance they seem so out of place. At second glance, they are not.

The whole idea of the new Royal photograph is to show how connected Queen Elizabeth is to Scotland, a place she loves so much I am sure, if she had her wish, she would probably never leave.

You can find the photograph in a new book called ‘Keepers‘. A book that is soon to be published in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s sixty years on the British throne.

Plus, this portrait beats the recently unveiledĀ Royal Mail Portrait of the Queen — which truly is dreadful.

Meanwhile, you can find out more about the history of Queen Elizabeth and her relationship with the Scottish, as well as the history of the Most Noble Order of the Thistle in this fascinating article about the Queen’s Balmoral photograph at The Telegraph.

Michelle Topham