New Release: Between The Worlds II: The Pyramid – Terrible Game? A Good Adventure?

Between The Worlds II: The Pyramid is the new release on Big Fish Games today, and I’m writing this simply because I’m fascinated to see if anyone actually liked the game?

I write reviews for Bloody Good Games, and I usually read other people’s reviews on Big Fish Games and other places online, to see if a game is worth buying before I plump down the money.

I’d had my eye on Between The Worlds II: The Pyramid with the intention of buying it this weekend, and then I read the reviews. Abysmal is too kind of a word for most of the reviews this game is getting, with many on BFG and other places giving it one star and begging to be able to give it a zero. So is it really that bad?


People are complaining about the graphics, which I honestly don’t understand, as they look quite beautiful to me. They’re also whining about the puzzles and the hidden object scenes all of which, from the videos, look just like normal puzzles and hidden object scenes from a typical adventure game.

Of course, me being a contrary kind of person though, I just have to buy the game, just so I can see what all the whining is about. That means, of course, you’ll get my review in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, if you played Between The Worlds II: The Pyramid — love it, hate it, no opinion — I’d love to hear what you think as, from all the comments on Big Fish Games, it’s sounding like this is the worst game ever made.

Then again, I did just find out the game was developed by HdO and I have never played an HdO game I liked. In fact, I usually delete them half way through. So, yep, that could explain the reviews.

Michelle Topham