New Sentenced to Be a Hero trailer, key visual show Xylo Forbartz living out his punishment

Sentenced to Be a Hero trailer shows the horrors on the front lines

The official X account and website for Sentenced to Be a Hero: The Prison Records of Penal Hero Unit 9004 has released a new key visual and trailer for the upcoming dark fantasy action adventure anime.

The new Sentenced to Be a Hero key visual features protagonist Xylo Forbartz, both before he became “a hero” and once he is trapped in the hero journey he has no choice but to embrace and complete.

The visual (see below) seems to show Xylo Forbartz moving away from the world of light he used to reside in, and off into one that is dark, vicious and full of blood.

In the accompanying new Sentenced to Be a Hero trailer, while it does not feature any dialogue, it is still extremely effective at showing the horrors of life on the front lines, as the contagion destroying the land turns its living beings into beasts with only one aim — to kill.

Sentenced to Be a Hero cast and staff

As yet, nothing has been released about the anime’s cast and staff.

Hence why, at least with the cast, the just released trailer did not feature dialogue.

We do know, however, that Studio KAI (7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!) is in charge of anime production.

New Sentenced to Be a Hero key visual featuring protagonist Xylo Forbartz

Sentenced to Be a Hero light novels

The upcoming dark fantasy anime is based on the popular light novel series Sentenced to Be a Hero: The Prison Records of Penal Hero Unit 9004 (titled Yuusha-kei ni Shosu: Choubatsu Yuusha 9004-tai Keimu Kiroku in Japan) that is written by Rocket Shokai and illustrated by MEPHISTO.

The light novel series currently has five volumes out in Japanese, with a sixth due in April.

Yen Press is publishing the novels in English, with two volumes out so far, and a third due in August.

Awards for Sentenced to Be a Hero

The dark fantasy novel series has won numerous awards since it first began publication in October, 2020 including first place in the User Recommendations category in the 2020 Kakuyomu Awards, and second place in the Tsugirano Awards for up-and-coming light novel series.

A manga adaptation of the novels is also out in Japan, although there is no word yet as to if an English translation will head our way.

The Sentenced to Be a Hero plot

KADOKAWA, who is producing the anime, explains the plot like this:

“Hero” is the worst punishment in the world. For those convicted of heinous crimes, they are sentenced to become a “Hero” and forced to enter the mandatory military service in the war against the Demon Lords.

These convicts are not even allowed to die as, if killed, they will be resurrected to fight another day.

Hero Xylo Forbartz, former head of the Order of the Holy Knights, leads a penal unit of deplorables fighting on the front lines. It’s in these direst of circumstances that he meets Teoritta, a goddess, and one of the world’s strongest weapons.

“When every last enemy has been defeated, you are to shower me with praise and pat my head.”

In order to survive and to take revenge on those who wronged him, he makes a pact with the goddess and launches headfirst into a maelstrom of war and intrigue.

Watch the just released Sentenced to Be a Hero trailer below. This one looks visually stunning and a helluva ride.

We will let you know as soon as the cast and premiere date are announced.


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