Nicki Minaj’s ‘The Night is Still Young’ Official Video Released, Love It, Love It, Love It

nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj’s official video for ‘The Night is Still Young‘ released and it’s gorgeous

Nicki Minaj is, sadly, one of those artists who is releasing videos and music on streaming music service Tidal before it gets released anywhere else (don’t worry, I don’t expect that to last, as Tidal is not looking like it’s going to be what its owners expected it to be ie: successful). But yesterday, Minaj finally released her latest music video – ‘The Night is Still Young‘ on her VEVO channel, and it is fabulous.

Beautifully filmed in vibrant fantastic electronic colors, Minaj wears a stunning skin-tight boob-pushing-up dress, has the most gorgeous pink hair, and spends her time hanging out with the coolest looking friends imaginable. Frankly, I couldn’t love this video more.

As for ‘The Night is Still Young‘, I am loving this track, as it has everything. A catchy beat, great electronic sounds, Minaj’ amazing rap, and a pretty melody that makes me want to sing. And dance. And sing. And dance. And…you get the picture.

Other critics haven’t liked it as much but, who cares, I do. It makes me feel happy listening to it — and then want to get dressed up fabulously and head out into the night with my friends to have fun. How about you?

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